Be water secure with the award winning, energy efficient water-from-air solution 

Pure water from air

The Watergen product line turns air into pure drinking water, efficiently and economically.

With a unique patented design and non-conductive structure, it is the world’s most energy-efficient, producing up to five times more water per kilowatt than any other technology on the market, using just 250Wh per litre.

A highly scalable solution distributed by SA, that can be configured to support anything from the central water supply for a municipality, town or village, to clean water for homes and offices, emergency and disaster relief, sports and communal events.

The Watergen Advantage

Premium drinking water quality: Food Grade heat exchange, air filtration, water purification and mineralisation in all our products.

Unique and innovative technology: Our revolutionary patented system extracts water out of the humidity in the air, an unlimited source of water.

Energy-efficient & Cost-effective: Our products produce 1 litre of water using as little as 0.3 KWH, in a wide climate condition. Operating temperature of 15-40℃ and ≥25%RH.

Scalable structure: Can be configured to any size, to support a wide range of applications.

Power source flexibility: Can operate using generators or solar panels.

Environmentally friendly: Using our products reduce the need for plastic water bottles and 5-gallon solutions.

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