What SA is about

Our mission:

To bring technologically advanced solutions to up to four billion people in Asia, to help improve lives and provide security for the things that matter. We do this by putting people at the center of our business and then partnering with the best technology providers to make the things that matter to you secure.

“We partner with leading global brands to bring award-winning and proven solutions aimed at helping to improve lives in Asia. Our partners and customers get brand assurance, safety and IPR protection when they work with us. And our employees conduct themselves in accordance to the highest standard of business ethics business with a zero-tolerance policy on conduct that is benchmarked to industry best practices and is in compliance with regulations in regions where we operate.”

Ainsley Jong – Co-founder and Managing Director

The Lionheart of SA

We have our HQ in Singapore. We are an enterprise with representations in Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar.

We believe in optimising value creation and attaining balance in all four pillars of capital – human capital, social capital, natural capital and financial capital.

In the course of fulfilling our mission, we remain committed to making lives better for everyone in the value chain.