Ridge Security is transforming security testing service with RidgeBot, an Intelligent Penetration Testing Robot.
RidgeBot’s uses techniques utilized by literally millions of hackers to penetrate systems.

Key Features

Financial Services Case Study

Customer Profile :

The organization is a central hub connecting to number of banks via mutual trusted interfaces, it completes massive payment transactions every day. Its business systems hold a large amount of users’ sensitive information, and many of them are rated as highly secure system. The business systems are being constantly evolved with agile developments, and security validation is required before each sprint goes online. The secu- rity officer of the organization is under tremendous pressure as multiple regulatory agencies conduct regularly security inspec- tions on their systems and he will lose his job if a high-risk vulnerability is discovered and without attended in time.

Customer Top Requirements :

1. On-demand and highly available service to continuously monitor and validate their security posture. This mandates by a regulation.

2. The system shall be easily configurated toward different targets to serve multiple departments and satisfy different level of stake holders.

3. Can’t afford any data leakage. This organization is obligated to protect user’s sensitive information, therefore it requires a service system that strictly prevents any data loss.

RidgeSecurity Solution :

The organization chose to deploy the RidgeBOT64 hardware platform on-premise with RidgeSecurity professional service. A senior security consultant from RidgeSecurity conducted penetration testing and reported the result with remediation suggestions.

Customer Benefits :

• Round-the-Clock Monitoring: RidgeBOT offers constant testing with advanced algorithms, adapting to evolving threats.

• Ease of Use: RidgeBOT’s adaptable platform facilitates communication across stakeholders.

• Data Security: Rigorous data protection measures prevent any data loss or breaches.