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zIPS by Zimperium: Enterprise Grade Security

zIPS vs Normal Anti-virus Solutions


Detects zero-day attacksNew kind of threats? No problem!

Does not rely on attack signatures, crowd wisdom and cloud detection services

Protects your mobile against Application level, Network level and Device level threats

Uses machine-learning to monitor device habitswhile respecting user data and privacy

Protect you even when you are offline

Secure your phone and your life.

Get zIPS protection for only USD25 for every 3 months or USD75 annually per device.

Auto-renewal upon expiry. Renewal order: 3-month or 12-month package for one mobile device.
Subject to S.A. Terms of Service

User reminder: While zIPS arms your mobile device with one of the best mobile defence solutions on the market, we strongly urge you to remain vigilant in your own cyber habits and hygiene as an active mobile user. Read widely, stay informed, and don’t allow yourself to be that connection that compromises your own cybersecurity.

Each package features

  • On-device
  • Machine-based Detection
  • Zero-day Attacks
  • Premium Support
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