Why Xage?

Xage blocks cyberattacks with zero trust asset protection via our range of products, including Identity-based Access Management, Zero Trust Remote Access, and Zero Trust Data Exchange.

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Accelerate Your Shift to Proactive Cyber Defense

Assuring continuous operations is no small task. Industrial environments face unique challenges making operational systems prime targets for cyberattacks. Preventing millions of dollars of lost revenue, protecting at-risk critical infrastructure, avoiding reputational damage, and staying compliant with mandates can leave operations teams stretched thin and on a reactive footing. With so much at stake, there’s never been a greater need to stop attacks before they begin using a proactive security posture based on zero trust principles.


Xage Cybersecurity Services

deliver expert assessment, design, implementation, and support services to accelerate your proactive cyber-defense transformation.

Industry-leading expertise at every stage
Successfully navigating your organization’s digital transformation depends on having the right, experienced practitioners at your side for each stage of your journey. Xage Cybersecurity Services make it easy to tap into deep expertise for immediate results, regardless of the current state of your cyber-defenses.

Immediately Understand Your Cyber-readiness
Gain new levels of visibility into your cybersecurity posture with an expert assessment of your operational environment. Team of experts from Xage Cybersecurity Services will assist you to quickly uncover gaps, potential problems, and opportunities for new efficiencies through deep analysis of your operational networks, systems, policies, and procedures.

Speed Adoption of Industrial Cybersecurity Best Practices
Benefit from the latest zero trust cybersecurity measures and OT risk management designed for the real-world needs of your industrial organization. Xage Services accelerates the transformation of your security posture: from assessing the current state to identifying and designing the right cybersecurity measures, through choosing and implementing industry best practices and frameworks. Our solutions are based on our unmatched expertise in industry standards, backed by years of first-hand experience protecting operational environments.

Quickly Boost Your Industrial Cybersecurity Posture
Scale your cybersecurity and operations teams to confidently meet any near-term challenge or ongoing digital transformation initiative. Xage Services help you immediately address a recent cyber incident or build new cyber capacity across your OT and OT-IT converged infrastructure. Whether you need to unpack the latest compliance mandate or securely support modernization efforts, Xage Services and our partner ecosystem are ready to support your needs.

Experience the Xage Difference

Xage Cybersecurity Services are powered by Xage Security, the first and only zero trust real-world security company. Xage Services offerings are purpose-built to accelerate your shift to a security posture that actively protects operational infrastructure.

As a leader in zero trust defense-in-depth security for OT and OT-IT converged environments, Xage Services – together with our partner ecosystem – enables critical infrastructure and industrial organizations to adopt modern cybersecurity practices in less time and without disruption.

Xage Cybersecurity Services Offerings

Xage Services offerings are based on our proven Zero Trust Defense-in-Depth methodology, developed to address the full spectrum of risks faced by industrial organizations.

Assess & Design

Strategize and architect a modern in dustrial cybersecurity program based on IEC 62443, C2M2, NIST 800, NERC, and related industry standards.

• Gap Assessment Services.

• Site Survey & Reconnaissance Services.

• Asset Definition, Discovery, and Inventory.

• Cyber-Physical Systems Security Assessment.

• Zero Trust Defense-in-Depth Design Services






Transform and integrate cybersecurity measures, capabilities, and controls with expert implementation services across OT and OT-IT environments.

• Zero Trust Defense-in-Depth Implementation Services.

• Identity and Access Implementation Services.

• Remote Access Implementation Services.

• Multi-Factor Authentication Implementation.

• Credential Management.

• Identity-based Dynamic Segmentation.

• Integration with Existing Workflow and Monitoring tools


Maintain and improve implemented OT cybersecurity solutions with continuous review and SLA-based operational support.

• Business aligned SLA based Cybersecurity Services and Support.

• Ongoing Operational Support for User and Asset Identity and Policy Management.

• Software and Hardware lifecycle support for implemented Zero Trust solutions and technologies.

• Periodic Reviews and Reporting Services for Governance, Risk & Compliance Management.

• Project and Program Management Services.

Customer Case Studies

Learn how Xage customers secure critical assets, and
achieve true zero trust with no down time or rip-and-replace.


United States Space Force (USSF) Selects Xage to Achieve Zero Trust Roadmap

The U.S. Space Force is responsible for securing our nation’s interests in, from, and to space. USSF is deploying Xage to protect and defend critical assets in space and on the ground. Priorities of the mission include:


Kinder Morgan Cyber Hardens OT and IT Critical Infrastructure with Xage

One of the largest energy infrastructure companies in North America protects against escalating cyber attacks and improves employee productivity with Xage.


PETRONAS Secures Digital Transformation at Scale With Zero  Trust Access Management from Xage

One of the largest energy companies in the world, with nearly 50,000 employees, and presence in over 100 countries. Petronas selected Xage to modernize their remote access and collaboration with Zero Trust for operations. With Xage, PETRONAS achieved:

Don’t just detect attacks — stop them.