Securing Cambodia’s Digital Future 2022

Securing Cambodia’s  Digital Future 2022   PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA (October 11th 2022) – Cambodia-based Biplan Global Co., Ltd (Biplan Global), the Cambodian Association of Finance and Technology (CAFT) and Singapore-based S.A. Investment Holdings (SA Solutions for Asia) are proud to have formed a tripartite alliance to bring together experts in the cybersecurity industry and honorary guests from the financial, banking and fintech sectors to discuss the future of cybersecurity in Cambodia. The seminar, titled ‘Securing Cambodia’s Digital Future 2022’, brought together a board of distinguished experts in cybersecurity from Alibaba Cloud, to share their opinion on the cybersecurity landscape of today. The topics discussed included how Alibaba Cloud was shaping the future of the Fintech industry and the FSI trends that we should be paying attention to, how to secure Cambodia’s Critical Information Infrastructure by applying Cloud Securities, and using hybrid cloud solutions to improve efficiency and scalability whilst maintaining data localisation. Mr. Kirill Bratchenko, CEO of Biplan Global Co., Ltd, Mr Remi Pell, Chairman of CAFT and H.E. Ainsley Jong, Goodwill Ambassador of Cambodia and Executive Director of SA Solutions for Asia each gave their respective addresses to warmly welcome invitees from the financial and banking sectors before our full day of sharing and networking commenced. Our speaker representatives included:
  • Jawn Lim [Senior Solutions Architect, Alibaba Cloud]
  • Edy Susanto [Business Development Director, Alibaba Cloud]
where Mr Edy Susanto gave an extensive talk on how Alibaba Cloud was shaping the future of the Fintech Industry, while Mr Jawn Lim dived into the overall chain of security and the various solutions available that Alibaba Cloud could secure Cambodia’s Critical Information Infrastructure (CII). After an in-depth and informative sharing session by our speaker representatives from Alibaba Cloud, Mr Jawn Lim and Mr Edy Susanto took the stage again to address further questions the participants had.
Mr Kirill Bratchenko, CEO, Biplan Global
Mr Remi Pell, Chairman, Cambodia Association of Finance & Technology (CAFT)
H.E. Ainsley Jong, Executive Director, Solutions for Asia
Mr Edy Susanto, Business Development Director, Alibaba Cloud
Mr Jawn Lim, Senior Solutions Architect, Alibaba Cloud