First-ever Joint Cybersecurity themed Seminar for Lao Banking & Financial Sectors by ICT and Banking Industries

VENTIANE, LAO PDR (November 13, 2020) — The first-ever cybersecurity seminar jointly organised by Lao Bankers’ Association (LBA), Lao ICT Commerce Association (LICA) and Lao Computer Emergency Response Team (LaoCERT) on November 12, in coordination with Singapore-based S.A. Investment Holdings (SA) and local partner Datacom Co. Ltd, aimed to highlight the significance of cybersecurity, and the strategies that the banking and financial sectors can adopt to safeguard themselves against the growing threats of cyber-crime and attacks.

Titled ‘Innovative Strategies to Secure Banking & Financial Services against Cyber Threats 2020’, this seminar is a culmination of the collaborative efforts from the banking industry led the Lao Bankers’ Association, the ICT Industry led by LICA and LaoCERT, with strong support from SA in Singapore and Datacom Co, Ltd. Datacom’s Executive President, Mr. Thanongsinh Kanlagna, who was instrumental in the development of this event also serves as an Executive Vice-President for Lao National Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LNCCI). This joint effort focuses on providing valuable insight on cybersecurity and its significance to the fast-developing financial and banking sector in Laos. 

Mr. Thanongsinh Kanlagna, Executive President of Datacom Co, Ltd. who also serves as the Executive Vice-President for Lao National Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LNCCI)

Mr. Thanongsinh Kanlagna says, “As we’ve seen in the last few months, commerce has evolved and our day-to-day activities are moving into the cyber-sphere. These present new and exciting opportunities, but there are risks and threats to consider. This seminar addresses the latter so that our banking and business communities can work together to secure a safer cyber-environment for everyone in Laos – this is my vision.”

Mr. Phoukhong Chanthachack, President of the Lao Bankers’ Association (LBA)

Co-chaired and opened by Mr. Phoukhong Chanthachack, President of the LBA, the seminar’s timely message attracted representatives from more than 20 banks in Laos.

Representing the ICT industry, Mr. Thanousone Phonamart, President of LICA, elaborated on the importance of further collaboration between Lao Banking and ICT as champions in organising such informative events in the future so as to produce the most impact in the Lao digital transformation journey.

Mr. Thanousone Phonamart, President of Lao ICT Commerce Association (LICA)

Address by Mr. Ainsley Jong, Executive Director and Founder of Singapore-based S.A. Investment Holdings (SA)

Mr. Ainsley Jong, Executive Director and Founder of S.A. Investment Holdings (SA) pulled together the various principals under SA to deliver the seminar’s key messages and to introduce innovative cybersecurity solutions that would benefit the Lao banking and financial services industry, and the country at large. These principals include CyberArk, Honeywell and Zimperium – leading, global brands established in their respective fields.

Mr. Khamla Sounnalat, Director General for LaoCERT, Ministry of Posts & Communications

Mr. Nanthalath Keopaseuth, Deputy Managing Director of BCEL

Not only was the cybersecurity knowledge useful for these stakeholders in the banking and financial services sector, the presentations from Mr. Nanthalath Keopaseuth, Deputy MD of BCEL and LaoCERT’s Director General, Mr. Khamla Sounnalat, on the trends of Lao banking and its innovations, and the overview of cyber-crimes in Lao and the neighbouring region, respectively, will go a long way in arming all stakeholders with a greater awareness of digital trends in and around the region as the Lao economy grows and flourishes in cyberspace.

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